Seminars and Conferences

"Collaboration, Mutualization, Economic Dynamics, Innovation and Development of economic flows are the key words of our meetings"

The World Trade Center Algiers organizes since that establishment in Algeria, organizes conferences and seminars bearing on the different aspects of the commercial and economic development local and international, these events bring together the leaders of different public, private or governmental institutions.
The quality of the contents of the seminars and conferences because of the diversity, relevance and innovative aspect, makes these conferences a great success with the loan of the participants.


Clusters Forum:

The World Trade Center Algiers organizes the Forum Cluster on 20 February each year by bringing together national and international experts with the aim of identifying strategies adapted to the Algerian environment. This is likely to create the conditions for the development of SMEs in a context where wealth creation and innovation can occur.
This Forum aims to consolidate the experiences of clusters in Algeria and to start collaborations and partnerships, as well as the development of the flow of business with all economic operators.
Our conferences and seminars, which prove to be a catalyst for constructive dialogue, bring together the main decision-makers in the public and private sectors, as well as national and international experts, with the aim of identifying strategies adapted to the Algerian environment. This is likely to create the conditions for the development of SMEs in a context where wealth creation and innovation can occur.


International Conference on Arbitration:

Arbitration is now recognized as the tool par excellence for settling international disputes that may arise in almost all sectors of economic life. Arbitration is conducted outside of the courts by specialists and allows for a final and binding decision at the international level, while respecting the confidentiality of the files and the adequacy between the issues and the costs.
Also, the number of law firms in Africa is increasingly important, due to the installation of internationally renowned law firms in this rapidly changing market, that is why Alger could be a point of Meeting with commercial law professionals so that they can exchange and build constructive and useful relationships with the environment in which they operate.


International Conference on Cybersecurity :

Information and Communication Technology is making changes in societies all over the world and for this reason the World Trade Center organizes the biggest event every year on the theme of cybersecurity, bringing together the different Actors in the Cybersecurity sector.

It is expected that this conference will provide a privileged opportunity to discuss in detail the challenges and challenges of Cybersecurity and the measures to stimulate international cooperation to combat the various scourges associated with cybercrime


Symposium on the Approved Economic Operator :

The World Trade Center of Algiers organizes on 13 December the Colloquy on the Approved Economic Operator, with the theme: "the authorized economic operator, at the service of the promotion of Exports"
The status of an Authorized Economic Operator has been developed around the world under the impetus of the World Customs Organization (WCO). Algeria introduced it in the 2009 Finance Law. To date, the Algerian Customs Administration has granted more than 200 Approved Economic Operators licenses.
The World Trade Center Algiers organizes this meeting based on a technical as well as operational approach, in collaboration with the competent public institutions, experts in the field and the national operators concerned with the aim of:
To bring together the beneficiary or candidate operators to the status of authorized economic operators in order to discuss the conditions and advantages linked to this status.
To allow, through the debates of the plenary sessions, to summarize the most important reflections made by the participants concerning the mechanism governing this activity, which will be submitted to the General Directorate of Customs.

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